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Stock and inventory management software which works on Windows platforms

StockWizard™ works on all latest Windows operating systems including 10, 8.1, 8, Vista, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2011, Server 2012, Server 2016, Server 2019

Not just a stock software - StockWizard has got the innovations!

"Simple to use and still so effective! One must ask a question - why is there so few programs like that?"

  • StockWizard was originally developed for a manufacturing company - A & C limited. The goal was as simple and as smart system as possible!
  • Suitable for companies with small stock kept on one computer or large business with a number of employees.
  • Works with barcode scanners to find a part, batch add or take to stock and allows up to 3 barcodes for each part.
  • Separate usernames and permissions for each of your employees to allow them to do just what they need.
  • Parts are organised into tree-like categories and they can be easily relocated - drag and drop.
  • One part can be placed in more than one category - in case you decide to have the same part in different category for easy looking up.
  • Checklists show you in one glance if you've got enough parts in stock to build 5, 10 or 100 units of your product
  • Entering similar parts into the system is very easy - just copy an existing part and change the details which are different.
  • Add pictures to your stock This makes it so much easier to identify the right part - no more mistakes in transactions.
  • Distinctive color coding for stock levels. Minimum stock level ensures that you have always just enough of stock. It is intollerable to miss out on business due to not knowing you were running low!
  • Reporting - see the real status without running around your stores:
  •    Display or print out in one click which parts need ordering, which parts are on order or total stock value
  •    Make a list of your suppliers and group parts by supplier for easy ordering
  • A transaction bar which let's you take as many parts from stock at a time as you need - take parts for the whole product if you wish. When ready, print the list including locations and current stock levels.
  • Anytime you take parts from stock you see straight away if the computer level matches the real stock level
  • Intuitive Search function - any part can by looked up by a fragment of a part number, description or barcode - whatever you've got to hand will find it
  • See a list of last transactions - you will know what's going on in your stock
  • Additional modules include Sales order tracking and customer records
  • Up to 5 Custom fields can be set up for each part number
  • 4 decimals parts cost price gives accuracy for large amounts of low cost parts
  • Take parts for the whole checklist from stock
  • Easy Backup and restore of your database to prevent any loss of information
  • Hide the category tree and / or the transaction bar when you need more space for information
  • Display your own logo to promote your trademarks
  • All backed up by excellent support service
  • Simple step by step installation
  • StockWizard works on all the latest and older Windows systems and Windows server systems, 32 or 64 bit
  • Microsoft .NET Framework is required and is included in installation package. Please note that computers which haven't got required version of .NET framework installed will require a little extra time for installation.
  • Server / main computer does require a Microsoft SQL Server - the express edition is included in the installation.
  • It is not necessary to have a Windows Server operating system - the main computer can be any compatible Windows computer
  • On a single seater version one computer acts as a server and a workstation at the same time - the SQL server is still required.
  • We carry on improving the software. Updates can be downloaded automatically and are free during the validity of your license.

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    If StockWizard lacks some features you would like, we can add them for you.

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