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Support and Frequently asked questions
expand...   What are the minimum requirements of StockWizard?
To be able to run StockWizard you will need to have a computer with the following specifications:
at least Intel Celeron 500MHz,
512MB RAM,
400MB of free space on harddrive
Windows Vista or newer (recommended Windows 7 or newer)

StockWizard setup contains installer for Microsoft SQL Server and might need to install it

If you get any error message about installation of SQL Server during the setup of StockWizard, please download and run installer of SQL server 2012 Express from Microsoft website, install it and run the StockWizard installer again
expand...   I get an error Access to the path "path to license file" is denied when trying to get the demo license
Please right-click the StockWizard icon and choose "Run as administrator" to obtain the license. The next time you run the software you should be fine running it as an ordinary user.
expand...   I get an error Cannot open backup device 'path to file'. Operating system error 5(error not found). BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.
The issue lies with the account under which the SQL database service runs on your computer.

To resolve the issue we will need to change the account to Local Service.

In Windows, please go to Start - Run, type services.msc and press OK.
In the list which comes up find service called SQL Server (STOCKWIZARD) and double click it.
On the Log On tab select Local Service and press OK
Right Click the SQL Server (STOCKWIZARD) service and choose Restart.
expand...   My StockWizard says there is an update but when I try to install it, the updater crashes
Please download and run the manual updater from here. You might also need to disable your antivirus for the duration of the update process should the antivirus block this file.
expand...   I get an error message "The settings file does not exist and will be recreated" or "User does not have permission to alter database 'stockControl', or the database does not exist"
This is usually caused by permission problem. As a first step, please right click on StockWizard icon and choose to "Run as administrator". Should this not help, please run the StockWizard server settings program on the server computer and make sure that you also run it as administrator. You may get an error saying Bad data - just ignore that and click Continue. The Database file field should normally say .\stockwizard and the rest of the fields would be empty. Click the Test button to test the connection and run a self-repair of most common problems.
You can also download the program from here. Please note that some antiviruses may consider it an unknown file and delete it. Should this happen, please lower or temporarily disable the check based on the number of people using a downloaded program.
expand...   My backups fail on the client machine.
1) Please make sure you have the latest version.
2) Create a local folder on your server machine (eg. C:\swTmpBackup)
3) In StockWizard, go to Setup - Settings and tab directories. Enter the local folder (from the above example enter C:\swTmpBackup) in the Server Local folder for backup field and save changes
expand...   My StockWizard says it cannot find the database server
Please make sure that your firewall program allows the following programs to communicate:
File and Printer Sharing
SQL Browser (ie. C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Shared\sqlbrowser.exe)
SQL Server (ie. C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Binn\sqlservr.exe)
StockWizard (C:\Program Files\Clicknology\StockWizard\StockWizard.exe)
expand...   StockWizard doesn't have a function we need
StockWizard has been built to be flexible to your needs - functions can be added as required and all you need to do is let us know which features do you miss.

Please refer to our Contact Us page and leave us a message or call us.
expand...   How do I apply a license to StockWizard™? / How do I convert a free version to full version?
You can get a free version at any time from our website - once installed you don't need to reinstall for it to become a full version.
First you need to purchase a full version here.
After you've paid - using Paypal, Bank transfer or Cheque - you will receive an email containing a license file.
Save this file on your computer and start the StockWizard™ program from the Windows Start menu.
On your main computer (server), log in as an administrator and go to "Setup", "License Information"
Click the "Update License" button and find the file you have saved.
The program will now restart and your StockWizard™ will be converted to a full version according the purchased license.
expand...   Error "Number of licensed computers exceeded"
This error means that StockWizard has been used on more computers than it is licensed for.
If you have changed a computer recently, your old computer is on record and needs to be removed from there.
Login to StockWizard™ as an administrator. A warning message and the License Information screen will appear.
Click the Licensed Computers button, select the computer which has been replaced, click "Remove" and then OK
Restart StockWizard

If you haven't replaced a computer and need to add an additional licensed computer, please Contact Us for upgrade options.
expand...   I get an error message "Cannot login as swAdmin"
Please download and run the following StockWizard™ DBuser Patch. If you are running Windows Vista, please make sure you right click the downloaded program and choose to "Run as administrator"
expand...   I was buying a full license but my payment hasn't gone through
Please login with your email address and billing postcode to your StockWizard Account.
You can click the "Pay now" link next to your pending order to process the payment again
expand...   I'd like to send you a payment by cheque - where do I send it?
Please make your cheque payable to "Clicknology Ltd"

Please send the cheque to
Clicknology Ltd
5 Elstree Way
expand...   What is the default server name setting?
The installer before and including version was defaultly setting .\SQLEXPRESS (or [server]\SQLEXPRESS).
Any installations after the version ( and higher) are as default set to .\STOCKWIZARD (or [server]\STOCKWIZARD).
expand...   StockWizard says it cannot connect to the server
This might be caused by the UAC (User access control) - by default Windows Vista and newer runs StockWizard in low permission mode and StockWizard can not access your registry to read the settings. To work around this you can right click on the StockWizard icon and choose to "Run as Administrator".
Alternatively, to set this as a default behaviour, you can right click the StockWizard icon, choose "Properties", select the "Compatibility" tab and tick the "Run this program as an administrator" tickbox. Then click OK. You could also set this for all users if you need to by clicking the "Show settings for all users" button on the same tab and ticking the same tickbox there.
expand...   When installing the Microsoft SQL server I get an error "An installation package for the product native client cannot be found"
This is caused by a corrupt installation of the native client. Please go to Control Panel, Add or remove programs and find Microsoft SQL server Native Client. Remove it and retry the installation
expand...   When updating I receive an error which goes like "System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\Program Files\Clicknology\stockWizard\stockUpdate.exe' is denied"
This could be caused by insufficient permissions to run the update. Try running StockWizard as administrator and update then. Alternatively try running StockUpdate.exe from your StockWizard installation folder as administrator. Should both fail, we would recommend downloading the latest installer from our website and reinstall your copy of StockWizard.
expand...   I have a question which is not answered here
Please refer to our Contact Us page and leave us a message or call us.

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